Click it or Ticket

Enforcement Week

CIOT_square (2)If you're a smart driver, then you'll want to know that November 25 to December 1 is Click It or Ticket Enforcement week.

If you wear your seatbelt and wonder how you can help, visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website to find out about getting involved. You'll find out that 9 out of 10 people fasten their seat belt when asked to do so.

If you are still wondering why you should wear your seatbelt, try out our game and also visit both the RI Department of Transportation Facebook page as well as the NHTSA site for statistics and myths about using your seatbelt.



About SmrtDrvr

Smart Driver is a learning campaign sponsored by the Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island (www.biaofri.org) funded by a grant from the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (www.ridot.org) and The Black and Latino Caucus Community Partnership.

It includes a Facebook page (Seatbelt Safety RI), a web page (www.smrtdrvr.com) and a learning game.

The Brain Injury Association of RI designed this learning campaign to increase seat belt safety use since statistics demonstrate that this important habit can significantly reduce a driver and their passengers chances of death or severe disability as a result of a crash.

The Smart Driver learning campaign has been developed by the team at TCP Learning Powered by TechComm Partners, Inc. who are committed to building expertise one learner at a time.


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